Monday, 4 May 2009

Double delight.

Tees Barrage 10k

After yesterdays hard race my aim for todays race was to go for the win and forget all about going for a fast time. The course is great for racing but it's certainly not a fast P.B. smashing course. The race started and the pace was just about right for me whilst my legs warmed up or should I say unstiffened, on crossing over the river and passing the 4km mark or there abouts there was 4 of us and non of us too keen to push the pace on the front into a strong head wind. Instead of doing all the work I attacked a few times to try and break the group up, i failed in doing that but some loud puffing and panting was coming from behind, Shaun O'Grady (New Marske Harriers) then came through and set a good pace which in turn caused the runner from Sunderland to fall behind, just to make sure he wasn't going to catch us back up I had a go of attacking into the wind, O'grady after his turn on the front didn't respond to well but Paul Lowe (North Yorkshire Moors AC) did and tucked in behind to the turning point back over the river. Lowe then kept the pace up as we turned and twisted the last 3km back towards the finish. My legs were stiffening up so I planned to attack for the win with 1km to go, Lowe was still going well and seemed quite comfortable so I switched tactics and opted for a last 50 metre sprint if my legs could hold out. The line was fast approaching as I started to come round Lowe, I was accelerating and just about at full speed and it was looking like who ever dived for the line would win, one last almighty effort saw me edge ahead and take victory in 32 minutes and forty seconds approx. Too close for comfort that one ! Good for spectators though. This idea of racing two days back to back is surely not good for you mentally and physically.
I had planned to run the Harrogate League on Thursday at Thirsk but I'm going to save myself for the following weekends race at Ripon which is also a Blacksheep Brewery Championship Race. At this rate I will be burnt out before I get to the Edinburgh Marathon and my 40 mile weeks are now looking very flimsy indeed after reading what other runners have been doing.

Edinburgh Marathon

I have found some other runners of interest down to run the Edinburgh Marathon. Darran Bilton of Leeds City AC- 1st V40 at this Years London Marathon in 2hrs 23mins. Nathaniel Williams of NYM.AC 2nd last year at Edinburgh and 2hrs 23mins at this years London Marathon. Paul Mcnamara of Atherney RC last years Edinburgh winner. Pulmani Bangani of Salford AC with a 2hrs 22 mins Marthon best. Mark Miles of Belgrave 64 minutes half marathon run this year has withdrawn. And that's
from what I have found out.
Darran Bilton bringing his London Marathon V40 title to Edinburgh that will be very nice to call myself the unofficial V40 London Marathon Champion if I manage to beat him. With all these top runners with proven performances it seems I have nothing to loose and as last year I will be on that start line care free.
Let me at em!

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Antony Bradford said...

Well done again Gary. I didn't think it possible to win(or even race) two races in two days.

Thanks for the tip of the Month, sounds like a great idea and even something to look forward to.

Are you racing tommorow?