Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Plan ahead.

   I have given the 2017  marathon idea some serious thought and I have  decided that it is not really worth all the hassle and that I would have little to gain from running one personally. I think it is because my race results are not anywhere I thought that they should be by now, so the marathon will have to wait until at least 2018.
  Speed  is what I am looking for in 2017 and the faster the better, I will be training towards the British Masters Championship races with the aim of trying to get a medal. The cross country championships and the 5k road championships will be the most important if I'm going to try and get back in the England team for the International Cross country race. I know I am a long way off the required level at the moment and there is doubt as to whether I can actually get there but at least I will have something to focus on and train towards.
   I was running home from work when the heavens opened which was actually  quite refreshing for a change. I have been meaning to get a new waterproof jacket not that there is any great rush at the moment seeing as it's  summer time, well I think it is summer time. Anyway I was struggling to make my mind up with so many jackets to choose from,  the OMM  Kamleika Jacket is looking favourite at the moment. I have had one before and was happy with it for at least a couple of years before the inner membrane wore off which in turn meant it lost it's waterproof capability, other than that it must be the best waterproof jacket I have ever owned. The Inov 8 stormshell sounds great but in a review someone said the inner membrane wore off quicker than the OMM and the Gore Mythos 2 sounds good as so does a few others.
    With the price of running gear these days the sooner that run to work scheme comes in the better, the bike to work scam seems to be popular so us runners might as well get in on the act. £400 pounds of running gear a year would be a good start which would probably workout at around £25 a month.

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