Thursday, 22 September 2016

Testing times and an Operation.

  Instead of doing an interval training session on Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to do one of my  time trial test runs on my way to work. It's only  2 1/4 miles so it makes for  a good lung stretcher that is for sure. My record is 11 minutes 13 seconds which I knew I was never going to get anywhere near, I didn't have much upto date data on what kind of form I might be in so my guesstimation was 12 minutes 30 seconds. I don't know why but I was hoping that I would be in sub 12 minute shape and that would be awesome. Anyway after a fifteen minute warm up it was time to crack on, 12 minutes 18 seconds. No dream like performance there then and I suppose I should be happy with the sub 12 minute 30 seconds but since when has runners ever been happy with  anything other than a P.B.  So what can I deduce from that result, well by my reckoning I would say it puts me in around 16 minute 45 second shape for a 5km race. I can't grumble with that seeing as my seasons best is 16 minutes 51 seconds and I'm sure there is plenty still to come yet. Phase 2 could become fruitful yet before the years out.
    Third time lucky, my plan was to end my season on the 27th November, then I extended it a week so that I could  squeeze in another race and lo and behold I have now gone and extended it by another week to the 10th December so that I can have one last hurrah at a 5k parkrun.
    I gave me new rain jacket its first outing the other week and seeing as it was raining this morning it got another run out. The only problem was that by the time I had finished work and was ready to run back home it had turned into a nice warm day. Should I tie the jacket round my waist or should I just wear it and bear it. I went with wear it and bear it, ooh ! What a bad decision that was, I was totally blathered by the time I got home.
     I'm looking forward to this weekend's long run which is 16 miles and seriously hilly, that last time I ran it my plan was to take it nice and steady on the hard climbs but the only way I could get up them was to go eye balls out and that was at a snail's pace at best. So it will be interesting to see how I cope this time round.
    I'm also planning on a trip to the cinema to watch Operation Anthropoid, what another army film. There must be something deep down inside that attracts me to army things, maybe I wasn't fully debrainwashed properly when I left, looking at some of my ex comrades on Facebook  I think they have forgot that they aren't in the army more. Saying that though I must admit  I had some great times and came away with plenty of funny stories.

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