Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hot stuff and Coconuts.

 Tuesday's long run was a tough old day, the plantar fasciitis was not happy with yesterday's speed training session and boy did it let me know. It might of wanted to let me know it wanted resting but I showed it who's boss and punished it for fifteen long miles or I should say it punished me. If that wasn't bad enough then the heat today was and by the time I arrived back home I had a strange feeling of comparing myself to a roast chicken. After guzzling down a couple of bottles of water and with salty sweat stinging my eyes it was funny to see my Original Mountain Marathon rain jacket had arrived.
  As you can tell I haven't made much headway with getting the sore heel/foot (plantar fasciitis) sorted out. My next plan of attack is going to get some acupuncture treatment seeing as I am running out of options. Stretching, rolling, arch supports, natural health healing and the torture foot contraption that you wear at night have all failed so far. Learning to live with it doesn't really work as I would say a fifth of my total mileage is really uncomfortable. It's not that bad that I need to give up running so in retrospect I can't complain too much. Besides at times it forces me to take a rest day which is exactly  what I should be doing anyway after a hard training session or race.
    A while ago I was contacted to see if I would test out some cold pressed pure coconut oil by Skinny and Co and give a write up on what I thought about their product. The best part was that they would send me some free goods to trial the down side was that I couldn't see how it would be of much use from a running point of view. After reading up on the stuff and hearing  plenty of good reviews I now realise I was a touch hasty in my thinking and there are in fact plenty of uses running wise plus there are also a few ideas that I would like to test out for myself. Firstly it is to treat the bit of dermatitis that I have, secondly to rehydrate my mush after it has been out running on cold windy days, thirdly I wonder if it works in preventing chafing and also it says it is good for your hair. I wonder if it will restore the shiny black hair that I once had, errrm it doesn't say anything about miracles so I will forget the last one. Diet, nutrition and  anything else running wise that I find it is good for I will report back.

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