Monday, 1 August 2016


  Well can you believe it, after having a great day yesterday I woke up this morning to find out we had intruders overnight. There was no signs of a break in and nothing was taken. I must of slept through it all as I never heard a thing and the only thing that I can find that they have done is that they must of battered my legs with a baseball bat. If it wasn't that then it must  be the after effects of yesterday's race, I thought it was a tough one and my legs concur.
  I can't see myself doing any speed training this week as I will be busy trying to get my legs back in order for Sunday's 10k race at Darlington.  In the past I have struggled after an half marathon to get back to full strength in seven days so it might be a close call, I'm sure I will be ok but there is always that a bit of self doubt that pop's up now and again.
  I have decided to aim for 34 minutes 30 seconds for the Darlington 10k and that is being very ambitious, I will try and stick to that pace or a touch quicker for as long as possible and see what happens. I can't see the sense in aiming for 35 minutes which I should be able to achieve as it would be very boring. I will report back with my kilometre timings to see how the gamble went. Push them boundaries and extend your limits. Sounds good on paper and also a good quote to add to my list  of quotes at the bottom of this page.

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