Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sports Tape.

  I could do with some of that special tape for my legs. No! Not that fancy kinesiology muscle support tape some of that fragile handle with care warning tape. Because that is exactly how my legs now feel after the pasting I gave them at the race on Sunday, I managed a very easy seven mile run after work and easy as in pace and not how I found the run in general.
  I have looked back through my training diaries to see what state I was in the days after doing the same trail race and in 2010 by the Wednesday I was back up to full health and doing interval training. Which means I have either not been doing enough hill training, racing harder than ever before or that I am getting old and therefore take longer to recover, so obviously it is the first one and not doing enough hill training. The main thing is to make sure I'm fully fit and raring to go for the Darlington 10k this coming Sunday.
   My training has been a bit hit and miss of late as I have been busy with racing and it is starting show due to the fact that I have now just about come to an halt with my ever improving performance. I really should cut back on the racing and refocus on my training to kick start the steady progression again. Unfortunately I still have a load of races on my busy calendar plus an holiday to squeeze in, so it's looking like it will be October before I can get back on track with trying to get my 5k time down below 16 minutes.
   The squirrel has gone nuts or he will do soon. We must be his number one feeding zone by now and we only give him some of that boring looking squirrel food out of a bag, not for long though as I'm off to go and buy him some proper nuts when I win the lottery. I say that because have you seen the price of nuts.
  Not long to go now and then I will be glued to the TV watching the Olympics, athletics and anything to do with cycling will be high on my list of must watch at all costs.

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