Sunday, 21 August 2016

Time Out.

  I took my six days off from running whilst I was away on holiday and seeing as I wasn't training I also used the time sensibly by eating way too much chocolate and cakes and also by having plenty of drink as in the  alcoholic variety.  You would of thought by having time out from running that any slight niggles or aches might improve but as usual it doesn't seem to of made any difference. I still have the heel pain as in plantar fasciitis which I was just tolerating and trying to ignore. Not the bestest of ideas I know so I will be changing tactics on this front and instead I will be trying everything possible to get it sorted.
   My plan is to slowly  ease my way back up to full speed by the end of October. I do have a couple of races coming up that I need to run though in truth I could of done without them so that I could of concentrated fully on training instead. I will be trying my hardest as usual and battling for each and every place even though my finishing times will be of little importance to me.
  I tried a couple of different rain jackets on and from a running point of view I'm going to go with the OMM Kamleika. It might not of been the best in certain aspects but overall it would take some beating, and because I said it was the best running jacket I had ever owned the last time I bought one made me biased towards it anyway. I'm also in need of some new training shoes and some new race shoes, on that score all I can say is roll on Christmas.
   I have the Tholthorpe 10k in September which is one of my clubs championship races which unfortunately is the same day as the Wetherby 10k. Given a choice I would of changed the date of one of the races as I think they are both awesome races and well worth running no matter what fitness level you are at. September has never been a good month for me fitness level  wise but it has never stopped me from entering these races. Tholthorpe 10k is a good fast course and it was the first race that I ever did which was in 2003, it is also the North Yorkshire 10k Championship race. The Wetherby 10k is multi terrain though the slight  off road section is nothing to worry about, it's a good quick course that is well marshaled and the whole event from start to finish is superbly organised. I suppose if I was young enough I could of done them both because one is in the morning and the other in the afternoon. That would of been a worthy and interesting challenge.

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