Thursday, 15 September 2016

Same old, Same old.

   I might of been looking forward to getting back into a training routine and already I have started to stray off track slightly. I must of run the same old route to and from work over a thousand times and tomorrow I have finally planned to take a different route, not only is it a different route it is also all off road. You would of thought by now that I must know every public path and bridal way in the countryside in a ten mile radius from where I live but as soon as I pull out a map out and study it, I notice there are still plenty of paths out there that I have not experienced yet. I have discovered two new routes, the one tomorrow will shorten my usual journey as in distance, I have no idea what the going will be like so time wise I it could be about the same though knowing my luck I will be deep in nettles head height and cut to shreads by brambles. The other route will extend my route and looks like it could be good going. Either way both will keep me entertained for a short period as I can't see myself going cross country in the dark through the winter months.
    The second round of acupuncture on my sore foot doesn't seemed to of done as well as the first round did, though I must admit it's early days yet. I will see how it is after Saturday's hill training intervals followed by Sunday's long run. Nothing like testing it out to the max.
   The fell route recce went well on Sunday morning, both in terms of how my sore foot felt and also the enjoyment factor of venturing outside my local training grounds. It will be interesting to see how I get on in the race which is now only two weeks away, I have no worries about any ideas of trying to win the race so it will be another case of getting stuck in, giving it my all and thoroughly enjoying it.
  I did some speed training yesterday on my way home from work, kilometre intervals at 100% effort with no regard for equal pacing by two minute jog recovery, it felt like there was  a slight head wind but looking at my time for each kilometre it is obvious it must of been a full on gale force 10 headwind. I have a half marathon race coming up soon and if I can only just about run one kilometre at the pace I am aiming for then it appears I might struggle somewhat.

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