Saturday, 10 September 2016

Barefoot running and a new invention.

   We have all heard about barefoot running and all the benefits that come about by going back to basics. I have come up with my own version of this, well sort of. Bare wrist running. My plan this morning was a good old long steady run of 17 miles, this time I went bare wrist as in no GPS, stop watch, heart rate monitor or anything else of that nature. The freedom to be able to run along at any old pace made the run much more enjoyable, it was that good at nine miles I took a detour to add an extra couple of miles onto my overall distance.  It's not the first long run I have done this year going bare wrist as I have been trying to get my legs used to coping with the full distance and not wearing them out after ten to thirteen miles. Today was the first time this year they have actually gone full distance without starting to seize up, obviously it is a big difference between running at speed for twenty miles and plodding for twenty miles but it's a start and I'll take that thankyou very much. Don't get me wrong the GPS watches etc are awesome, my idea is that now and again it's good to get out on a Sunday morning for your long run and not be governed by a watch. 2007 was probably my best ever year and that year I did every Sunday morning long run at any old pace with no time limits whatsoever.
   It's the Great North Run tomorrow morning which I always enjoy watching, I will miss it live on TV as I will be checking out the fell race route that I will be doing in October. I will record it and catch up with it tomorrow evening instead. Today I have the Tour of Spain cycle race to keep me entertained which finishes tomorrow and today's stage is the final big chance for Chris  Froome to try and get back his first place, I can't see him doing it but I will enjoy watching him give it everything he can to succeed.  Oh! Then there is the boxing tonight, Kell Brook v Golovkin, I can't see Kell Brook winning at all but if he does then he must go in the Catergory as being one of the best ever pound for pound fighters. If all that's not enough then there is the Tour of Britain bike race to watch which British Steve Cummings is in first place at the moment.
    The acupuncture on my sore foot is still showing good signs of improvement so I have tried changing my next appointment from two weeks to this coming Thursday.

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