Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's a kind of Magic.

   Well the acupuncture actually worked on my plantar fasciitis or sore foot and I was considering a way of describing how much it has improved, the simplest way is using the runners description method  which is that it's miles better. I just hope the improvement stays until my next treatment in two weeks time and then the acupuncturist might as well have a go at my slightly niggling achilles tendon on the other foot as well.
  Marathon plan. I have come up with an idea regarding doing another marathon and the plan is to do a qualifying time either next year or the year after and then go for it big time in 2019. I will aim for gold in the V50 class at the London Marathon. Qualifying should be a walk in the park entering by the good for age route, the Championship entry route appears to be well within my capabilities as well so either way there should be no reason for not going for the challenge. One question and the only question is " would I be capable of winning " and my answer to that is of course I can.  It sounds like a good plan for now anyway.
   In the meanwhile I have a long steady run Saturday followed by a more interesting prospect for Sunday in the shape of a fell race route recce. I did a recce of the Levisham Limping fell race on the North York Moors a while back so it should be a straight forward enjoyable trot come recovery run.
    I received an e-mail the bog standard usual type asking for a review of a product that I recently purchased.  I was tempted to reply for the OMM waterproof jacket that I bought the other week. The jacket looks absolutely awesome hung up besides the door. It's that good it hasn't rained on any of my training runs since I bought it. I have only had it a few weeks and it still looks brand new. It is very warm, though I must admit it was on a very hot summers day when I first tried it on. I hope this answers all your questions that you were looking for.

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