Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pain in the leg.

  I woke up Thursday morning with a bit of an hamstring pain that was  just above my knee, I wasn't sure if it was running related or if I had done it at work. So to be on the safe side I  missed out training on Thursday which was of no concern seeing as it was the day after a race. By Friday my leg seemed to be a touch better and for once I actually took the sensible option of giving it  another day of rest. By Saturday for some reason  my leg had got worse as in that it was sheer agony even trying to straighten my leg. After walking around  for  a while it would be sort of ok so it had to muscle related, using runners mentality I wondered what it would be like running so it was on with the trainers and out the door and funnily enough it was alright. I still had no idea what it was or how I managed to injury it but it was a good feeling to know it was good to go on the running front. I can cope with not being able to walk properly and having to hobble but not being able to run is a different matter altogether.
    I got up this morning and thankfully my leg felt a whole lot better which meant it was certainly good enough to give it some stick with today's training run. The plan was for a steady 12 miler with a group of us, because I had missed out training  I decided I would go hard on the uphill sections then slow down and join back up. I Know it can be off putting with someone doing that when its supposed to be a steady long run as it can quite easily turn into an hard session as the others feel compelled to join in. The 90 minutes flew by and even the rain that was forecasted didn't show up.
   The same group of us are meeting up tomorrow morning for a speed training session, with the four of us being of a very similar ability I have no doubt whatsoever that tomorrow will  be severely hard.  After that I'm thinking of taking a trip to the Yorkshire Dales and going to the Reeth show, which just so happens has a Fell Race which I will be getting involved in. From a spectators point of view only that is.
   Them chocolates that I came away with from Wednesday nights race  lasted until yesterday, every time I opened the cupboard door they were there teasing me encouraging  me to eat them. I knew I should of given them away because the temptation was too much yesterday and I scoffed the lot, well to be honest I did let  Helen have one or two I didn't want to be greedy.

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